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When you are thinking about opening a new company the first thing that you shoudl do is thinking about the branding. As there are a lot of thinking that goes into desiging a logo to match your business.

Not only will it help you with you business it can make you more sales to make a statement for your business. We dont use the standard themes that are given as we use an artistic approach to it.

We all know that Web Design is not a process that is taken lightly here at Microvisaul Technologies. We take the time to make sure to analyze and see what the competition is doing. Then once we have an idea of what we want to do then we can start the WordPress Website.


Why use WordPress for Web Development?

As we all know WordPress is the most popular CMS around as it is the easiest to undertstand and to use for clients to manage their content. What this CMS does so well is that it allows you to customize it the way you want it to be for your business. As it has many functionalities like an E-Commerce Store, blogs and many more. 

We are able to help you use WordPress to optimize your website so that you are able to get the ranking and conversions you want. The more traffic and users you get the more sales you can get. 

Web Design Solutions


What we want to do is to help make a good impression and make careful decisions when targeting the right audience, branding, and the right style. 

In every project that we do we maksure that we have distinct fonts, colours, images, layours and overall simplicity. We want to be able to help the users find what they are looking for. 

Web Design Services

All web design projects include:
• Site audit and information architecture
• Optimized user experience
• Quality virtual reality design of every necessary template, like the Homepage, a sample inside page, blog templates, etc.
• Responsive Website Design – a design that adapts to every screen

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