5 Steps To Designing Effective Business Websites

5 Steps To Designing Effective Business Websites

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Designing Business Wesites

How can your business grow its online presence? By creating a website that acts more like a powerful business tool than an informational pamphlet. No, I’m not talking about a DIY website from Squarespace or Wix, but rather a real, well-crafted web design that captures the audience and lets them interact with your company in a meaningful way. After all, the most important thing is to convert visitors into customers. A good corporate website lets the owner and the user get what they want!

So how can you, as a business owner, ensure that you get what you pay for? What are the most important elements in the creation of a corporate website? Here are the steps to effective design for business websites:

Simplify Your Website 

Gone are the days when every website needed HTML files for every page. With WordPress, there’s no need to download individual files to your computer through some complicated FTP portal. Simply log in to your site using a password you chose, select the page you want to edit, make your changes and press “update”. Voila! It’s that easy! WP also offers the ability to modify your navigation bar, upload images, change colors, customize your sidebars, and tons of other built-in features that will make keeping your new website up-to-date a cinch

Design With Conversion Optimization In Mind

What good is a website if no one converts. I once helped a business who had 2000 monthly visitors and no sales. Why? Bad optimization (and several other factors). The navigation was extremely confusing. The users had no idea how to sign up, and even when they did, they didn’t know how to log in. Instead of being a simple, one-click shop and buy, the process turned so complicated that everyone just abandoned their carts. A clear and focused navigation is key.

The other major factor in conversion optimization is guiding the user’s eyes. Use directional lines and colors to point the users to where you want them to go. Have strong call-to-actions that use contrasting colors to pop-out from the rest of your design.

Provide Easy Accces To Contact information 

Speaking of de-cluttering, note that even though open and clean is nice, it’s important to remember that all the essentials are there. For most companies, the essentials are their logo, phone numbers, email addresses, and in some cases, addresses. For e-commerce stores, it should be very easy to ask a question, or process a refund.

All these things should be in the header or the footer of the site. It’s very common for a user to scroll right to the bottom of the site to find the contact information, so always have it in your footer if it’s essential to the success of your business.