WordPress Maintenance & Updates

WordPress Maintenance & Updates


Most Companies that are famous right now like People Magazine, and New-York Times. Essentially WordPress powers around 30 percent of the websites online, however that doesnt mean it is immune to hacking.

In the last few years we have seen that hacking has increased and keeping your website safe should always be the number one priority. We understand that some businesses dont have the time and are not aware of the danger. We suggest that you should be known of common attacks like viruses, malware, bad ads and many more. With Microvisaul Technologies we have experts to go through all of that and to identify the threats before they are an issue.


WordPress Maintenance Services Typically Include:

  • WordPress plugin updates
  • New version updates
  • WordPress theme edits
  • Website security checks
  • Weekly or Monthly back-ups
  • Website training and on-going support
  • Content insertion or editing
  • Uploading new images
  • Adding new blog posts / WordPress pages
  • Minor Search Engine Optimization tweaks
  • Fixing broken code
  • and more!

The WordPress Maintenance Process

We provide assitance within one or two days or even right away if it is an emergency. We do sell pre-paid block of hours to cover any services that has been mentioned above and those hours dont expure and can be used anytime. 

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